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CBD Oil Can Help Eliminate Anxiety

When Hemp CBD oil was first brought to the market, it’s connection to cannabis was thought as just another plant intended to get them high. However, when it was shown on live T.V how it stopped a seizure, people have come out saying that it’s a miracle drug that also helps in pain, anxiety, and depression.
CBD or cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid found in cannabis. The CBD hemp oil is made from hemp that has a high percentage of CBD and a little amount of THC which is a cannabinoid that is very familiar with some of us since it’s responsible for the high that you feel when you smoke marijuana.

1. How does it help anxiety? CBD oil works hand in hand with the brain receptor known as CB1. These receptors are small proteins which are attached to the cells that get chemical signals from different stimuli and help the cells respond better. The correct way that CBD affects CB1 is not yet understood well, but it is known to alter the serotonin signals which are chemicals in the body that play a role in mental health. Low serotonin can cause anxiety and depression.

2. What has research shown about CBD oil?Different studies have shown some advantages for many forms of anxiety including insomnia, post traumatic stress, etc. Another study done by authors showed that there is not enough evidence to demonstrate that it can treat depression but the authors insist that more human tests will be needed to help us understand how it works and what amount of dosage should be taken and also if there are any side effects.

3. CBD side effects.It is so far considered to be safe, but not everyone has experienced this, some have had some different side effects such as;-dizziness-difficulty in sleeping-fatigue and-mood swings you are taking any medication, it is wise not to stop first until you talk to your doctor. CBD oil for anxiety, is proven quite successful, but you might experience some withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop taking your medicine and these symptoms include;-nausea-dizziness-irritability, etc

4. Is the oil illegal? Unfortunately, it is not legal worldwide; some countries still find it illegal. Some countries don’t allow it at all and some only for medical purposes only. For those living in the U.S CBD oil is legal in all states and able to purchase CBD online or in individual clinics.

Low Testosterone In Young Men – An Overview

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the growth of sex organs like testes, prostate and the penis. Its secondary functions include the growth of body hair, muscle mass, and bone density. It is associated with a healthy life in general. Testosterone production is regulated by the human body itself, meaning there is no fixed production, testosterone levels, therefore, vary from person to person. Someone who is more athletic will have higher testosterone levels than others who are not.

Testosterone for muscle growth

Testosterone is also produced in female ovaries but the production is significantly low compared to men. Low testosterone production can be a symptom of another ailment or a problem in itself. This will determine the treatment needed. An example would be congestive prostatitis where men experience low testosterone production, which can be returned to normal by curing the prostate gland. Where low testosterone is a problem in itself, hormone replacement therapy is the best option available. It is safe, reliable and produces good results.

When you sleep at night the body replenishes its testosterone needs. The breakdown in muscles is repaired and as a result, muscles grow stronger and bigger. This is the reason many professional body builders take anabolic steroids so the whole process of fiber repair would go fast and they can carry on their training rapidly, without a need to rest more.

The hormone testosterone is the reason for the differences between men and women to a great extent. Testosterone is fundamentally considered as the hormone that gives a man all the masculine characteristics. Thus, all the masculine characteristics in men are due to this hormone. The amount of this hormone rises when a man enters his young age.

Similarly, the amount of this hormone decreases as the man grows older, specifically, when a man hits 60, the level of this hormone in the male body drops to a very low level. Certain genetic or physiological reasons can cause low testosterone levels of young men and can result in a vast array of problems. In many men testosterone levels never reach their peak in teen ages hence causing a failure of complete development of masculine features. A rapid fall of testosterone in men in the age of twenties and thirties can cause obesity, heart problems and diabetes along with a very low sex drive.

Testosterone production decreases naturally with age. The peak is in late 30’s after which it starts declining. Younger men may experience low testosterone occasionally, which is in many cases due to a high estrogen intake and lack of physical exercise. If this is the case then the doctor would suggest a change in diet and an exercise for the patient. Low testosterone is a problem that if left untreated can cause many other ailments, namely osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and infertility. Therefore it is intelligent to stop a problem at its root and prevent it from spreading.

Zinc rich foods are recommended in most cases of low testosterone and prostate problems, as a natural remedy. Zinc is the main mineral needed by the body to produce testosterone and semen efficiently. Weight lifting exercises boost testosterone production in males naturally and help fight osteoporosis. Testosterone increases muscle mass and bone density in males.

Sometimes it also happens that low testosterone in young men is due to diet and physical inactivity. In that case zinc rich foods are recommended because zinc in the mineral needed both by testicles and the prostate to function efficiently. Physical activity like walking, playing sports or going to a gym is recommended to naturally boost one’s testosterone levels.

One should not try a testosterone replacement therapy on his own; there are professionally certified doctors to carry out something like that. If you try it yourself, it would probably do more harm than good.