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How To Make Your Book A Bestseller

It’s believed that a slight one in twenty authors becomes a best seller and a small one in a hundred writers makes an unusual amount of money from their book. Truth told, most authors find it exceedingly difficult to break even on what they’ve invested.However, some authors have learned the formula to making their books bestseller and make a lot of money from them. And it isn’t just a lucky strike because they seem to do it over and over again.
Successfully writing a book has many factors, but there are three keys success factors to writing a bestseller and making a profit from it. Implement these factors, and you will find yourself adding 6 or 7-figures to your income from each book in the future.
Key Factor 1 – Turn your book into a business so that you are creating highly desirable products that accompany the book.

Your book is far more than a word covered page after page with binding. Your book conveys your wisdom in a familiar format that others can fancy and use. You will become far more successful once you realize that you can express that same sense in other suitable ways that are just as likely to sell. When you are designing your book, proactively plan your other products so that your book corresponds with your business in an intentional way. You will not only have an added flow of income, but you will also have an operational marketing system since your other products sell the book and the book sells your other products.
2nd Key Factor – Make your book much easier to market, promote, and sell by adding in all of the essential ingredients and most of the popular ones to your book.

Many elements are necessary to creating a bestseller that cannot be ignored, some of which need to be prepared in the beginning. Romance novels are big hits,personally I love reading a good book of love and romance, in fact I gave a great book at my friends Charlie and Dorothy wedding. The marketability and value of your book can also be extended with the help of some highly desirable features.

To illustrate, you must have an ISBN number and bar code, plus specific bindings and features for bookstores to be able to sell your book for you. Also, there are about ten elements that make your book easier to promote and hence very desirable. Every New York Times Bestseller has top features, and some of them are an index, relevant quotes, testimonials, resource listings, and alluring stories that make a point.
Key Factor 3 – Proactively control your book sales to the fullest extent possible so that you’ll know where your books are being purchased and when.
If you desire to make your book a bestseller, then you should learn what it takes to do so. For instance, not all book sales count toward a bestseller status, and it’s critical to know which ones do and don’t. Keep the focus to only those that count and concentrate the sales during an appropriate period and if you have done your homework and created the right amount of sales you’ll have a guaranteed winner.

ACTION POINT: You must follow the formula that others have used to achieve success if you want to write a book that becomes a best seller and makes a profit. Just decide to use the Key Factors that are provided above and keep your eye on the prize, and you will be hitting home runs every time.

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