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Read Any Good Books Lately…What Makes A Book Interesting For Readers

What is interesting about being a human being is diversification

We all have different personalities, and we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to music, art, food, movies, literature, and so forth.

Therefore, to answer the question about what makes a good book is difficult because it will depend on an individual’s personality, wants, and desires. Some people love to read books about science fiction and romance while others prefer real life stories or westerns. Some readers have a favorite author whereas others will read books by any author.

For many people, a good book will be one that takes the reader on an adventure or a compelling journey. An average writer can produce a good book as long as it has a great story.

A good writer and great story, on the other hand, is something that is usually considered a masterpiece. Some authors who have written masterpieces include Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Hemingway, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, and James Joyce.

There are times when a book has a typical story line but it is written extremely well, and therefore many people will love to read it. Some people suggest that a good book needs to have a good character development along with a captivating story.

There are a lot of people that would rather read a good book than watch a movie. Most people agree that movies do not contain all of the relevant and vital information that a book provides. They suggest that if a book were entirely told in a film format then, it would probably be at least a 12-hour movie.

For this reason, most people that read a book and then watch its movie equivalent are disappointed with the movie because it does not contain enough detail.

There are occasions when a story line is just the perfect story for a person’s particular time in his or her life. For example, someone may be going through a bad divorce, and when they read a book about happiness after divorce, it is just the perfect antidote.

Even if the book is not well written, the subject matter may be just what the reader needed at that time. The bottom line is that people love to read and even though we live in a visual society of movies and television programs it is evident that reading a good book will continue to stand the test of time.

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